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  • I will explain to you why Network Marketing companies despise me
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Spadaro. You probably never heard of me. That’s good because, I’m just an average guy. High school graduate, civil servant with no high education, at all. So, if I can make it in network marketing, so can you. I’m not some hot shot guru that’s going to take your money and show you “how it’s done”…… Sell you a book of goods that’s not worth the paper it’s written on. NO, I’m merely going to share with you my discovery and I’m going to share it with you for FREE. That’s right FREE. I will never ask you for money. I actually earn my living in Network Marketing.

Did you ever wonder why the so called “Guru’s” who take your hard earned money are no longer in MLM? Why would they give up a life time of residual mailbox money to sell the “How to”?

It’s simple. They make more money off the back or the 98% of ALL network marketers who FAIL, than they could earn, working the business.

They despise me because they don’t ever want you to find out about my simple discovery. By the way, how do we know if they ever really made any money in the industry, anyway?

You Never Miss An Event When You Make Your Own Hours


First and foremost: STOP thinking that failure is your fault. It’s NOT!!! You are perfect just the way you are and I can prove it. I was just 22 years old when I joined my first network marketing company. With absolutely NO prior experience I earned $28,000 in my first four months.

I didn’t call and bother one family member or friend. I didn’t attend one of those pumped up Rah Rah opportunity meeting or even sit uncomfortably in someone’s living room hoping they’d join my deal…… I didn’t talk to strangers on line in the super market and pitch my opportunity either.

How then? You might ask. The answer is simple. I didn’t know it then. It took 19 years to discover. But, It all boiled down to 6 Dynamics. “My 6 Dynamics of MLM Success”

These 6 Dynamics MUST be in full operation in order for the average person to succeed. If they are not present then you are destined for failure right from the START. That’s when the guru’s come in and prey upon your failure!!! Lining there pocket with Millions of your hard earned dollars.

I learned that…

All MLM companies are not created equal. This was a tough lesson to learn.

I know how you feel. Because, I felt the same way. I was there!!!

After succeeding ”BIG TIME” with my very first MLM company. I thought. This is easy. Brand new to the industry, I found myself in an amazing income situation with a family of strangers. I earned a full time paycheck for two years, without leaving my parents living room. Now, I call that MLM SUCCESS!!! Don’t you agree?

Well, the company went out of business due to the fact that they grew too big too fast and imploded on themselves. Lesson learned. What a sad and devastating day. So my journey began. I’ll just sign up to another network marketing company and like magic I’ll continue my income. That wasn’t the story.

It wasn’t that easy……. To say the least!!!

What was the problem?

I was a huge success right out of the gate with my first company. But now, I experienced failure after failure. I started to think that it was my fault. What’s wrong with me?

Not believing that it was me. So, it must be the product. So, I tried lotions, potions, juices, vitamins, legal services, fuel additives even greeting cards. You name it I tried it. Still. No significant success.

What was the problem? How could I have such amazing success and now fail so miserably?

I poured myself into every book, seminar and program I could find. Thousands of dollars later along my journey lining the pockets of those so called Guru’s and still no real success. So much money wasted. I kept thinking “This is going to be the one.” Only to be disappointed, time and time again.

How could this be? I had no prior experience in MLM. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know what MLM meant back then and I was a rock star. This kept eating at me. For years it nagged at me. Why can’t I duplicate my first success? Well, I was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.


So, I decided to start a quest. I was going to find out. WHY? What was the missing link? I was going to figure out ”network marketing” if it’s the last thing on earth I was going to do.

So, I studied 100’s of companies, products, pay plans, policies and procedures. And still no clear answer. 19 years of insignificance!!!!! How could it be? Every company I studied had Top Earners. (Later on those Top Earners) What about me?

I was on the brink of giving up……

When, My 6 Dynamics of MLM Success was born. It was staring me right in the face. The simple facts that resulted in SUPER FANTASTIC success as a young man with no experience in my very first Network Marketing Company and what prevented me from the same success for 19 years.

I thank God daily for giving me the in site to spot what was there right from the start. 6 Dynamics that never showed up simultaneously in any of the 100’s of companies I’ve studied. Now, I want to reveal them to you. Give you the edge you need to be an MLM success.

Since 2007 I’ve been earning an amazing living in the Network Marketing Industry. True MAILBOX MONEY!!!! My DREAM came TRUE!!! I’m a TOP EARNER once again!!!! Living the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of and owning my LIFE….

I can help you like I have helped 1000’s of other networkers over the years earn full time paychecks right from the comfort of their own homes, in their SPARE time. And I’ll do it for FREE!!!!

So, If you want to be part of that group.

Then, start NOW and begin to live the MLM lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about!!!

Feel free to call me anytime 347-680-8332 (I will actually answer the phone)

Here’s what others are saying about MY 6 Dynamics of MLM Success

I can’t believe that I’ve been failing for so many years. Thanks John, for putting me on the right track.

A.M.New Rochelle, NY

You’re a savior. I thought that there was something wrong with me.

R.C.Williamsburg, VA

Finally, someone who cares about the little guy. I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on the so called leaders of the industry. Who were going to teach me their secrets. Ha…

E.A.Cincinnati, OH

I’m forever grateful to John for revealing these simple dynamics. Everything makes so much sense now. It’s incredible.

B.M.Marshall, TX

I’ve wasted years in the industry. I’m so glad I didn’t give up before I found John.

S.S.Springfield, MA

Residual income is finally rolling in…

J.L.Rolla, MO

I’ve read all the “How to” books out there. Boy was I taken for a ride. Now I have a clear view to where I’m going.

D.M.Liberty, NY

My Dream job come true… Thanks John!

D.T.Verona, NJ

The 6 Dynamics has changed my life forever.

M.A.Freehold, NY

I’ve wasted years trying to convince the wrong people to join my company. Now they come to me and beg me to join.


Download FREE
“The 6 Dynamics of MLM success”

  • I will never ask you for money…….
  • I will show you why 98% of all network marketers FAIL
  • I will explain to you why Network Marketing companies despise me
  • I will help you start your journey to an incredible MLM Lifestyle